Visions and Vistas

Visions and Vistas is a collection of all the music I have composed for guitar between 2003 and 2007… The guitar often features in a wide variety of popular contemporary music, including film and television soundtracks… it also has a rich classical tradition with strong Spanish, Latin American and Italian connections. It is the fusion of these different aspects that I enjoy exploring in my compositions.’

Gary Ryan

This immensely popular CD by Gary Ryan is a firm favourite amongst his audiences. Ryan has multi-tracked his guitar duos and trio with breath-taking effect and then performs his own solo guitar suites with equal panache, dexterity and musicianship giving a remarkable insight into the composer’s view of his own music.


Ensemble Works by Gary Ryan

1. Generator – for two guitars
2. Dreams, Rest & Motion – for two guitars
3. Latin Cabaret (Showgirls) – for three guitars

Solo Works by Gary Ryan

Scenes from Brazil

4. Sugarloaf Mountain
5. Junglescape
6. Rio Bay

City Scenes

7. Rush
8. Birds Flew Over The Spire
9. Metropolis

Songs from Erin

10. Out Of Clonmel
11. Lough Caragh

Running time: 1 hour

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