“…jewel-like precision …technical prowess …such fluency and musicality.”

The Daily Telegraph

“…one of the most accurate guitarists in the business….a level of precision that could easily have been released on CD with scarcely a retake. I promise this is no exaggeration…”

Classical Guitar Magazine

“…I sat up for a guitarist of outstanding musicality called Gary Ryan …impeccable but pliant strength that handsomely defined the contours of the writing…”

The Independent

A high point was Gary Ryan’s playing …Ryan showed his sheer prowess…”

The Observer

“… the classical guitarist Gary Ryan left his audience spell-bound by his versatility and the astonishing range of sounds he produced from his instrument…”

The Gulf Times

“…here is a player who knows what magical sounds can be coaxed from the guitar. His technique is formidable…the whole recital was a delight …high class musicianship.”

Musical Opinion

“…staggering technical facility around the fingerboard… Ryan demonstrates his outstanding compositional skills with his own extensive six-movement guitar solo work depicting scenes from the ‘Wild West’, a 26-minute descriptive tour de force of highly technically challenging repertoire which just happens to be exceedingly good fun to listen to.”

Classical Guitar Magazine

“A fine guitarist… I cannot imagine Gary Ryan ever wanting to abandon the showpiece of Tippett’s The Blue Guitar which he plays so seductively.”

The Sunday Times