Songs from Erin

Two popular and evocative pieces influenced by and reflections upon Ryan’s own family history and travels in Ireland.

Songs from Erin is recorded by Gary Ryan on the CD Visions and Vistas.


Out of Clonmel – Ryan’s grandfather came from Clonmel in County Tipperary, Ireland, ‘and the piece has an energetic Irish flavour which reflects Irish folk music…. The melody is decorated with ornaments which imitate those often played on the pipe or whistle’. The guitar is tuned to D major producing a ‘reinvigorated, idiomatic and resonant sound’.

Lough Caragh (Glenbeigh) ‘is influenced by the traditional Irish ballad’ and ‘expresses… the incredible beauty of the south west of Ireland.’ The piece conveys ‘the memory of… early, magical childhood days which can never be recaptured.’  Lough Caragh is ‘a beautifully tranquil lake west of Killarney’ and nearby Glenbeigh is where the Ryan’s daughters first played in the sea. The piece has a traditional drop D tuning.

Songs from Erin was commissioned by Rebecca Baulch.