In Visions and Vistas, Gary Ryan performs his own universally acclaimed and innovative compositions for guitar solo, duo and trio including Generator, Scenes from Brazil and Metropolis (from City Scenes).

In these compositions and more Ryan continues to explore the sound world of the guitar in an exciting and unique way. His music, now forming its own distinct genre, dispells the myth of ‘classical’ and ingeniously draws in listeners from all backgrounds due to its eclectic and entrancing musical qualities.

“The many variants of style and mood, from the up-tempo, highly rhythmic and infectious Metropolis and Out of Clonmel to the introspective and hauntingly beautiful Lough Caragh …make for a most agreeable hour’s worth of listening ….”

“The absolute highlight is the extraordinary two-guitar compostion Generator ….It goes without saying that the performance Ryan puts in on this disc is of the utmost excellence, both technically and musically. Very highly recommended.”

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1. Generator
2. Dreams, Rest & Motion
3. Latin Cabaret (Showgirls)
4. Sugarloaf Mountain
5. Junglescape
6. Rio Bay
7. Rush
8. Birds Flew Over The Spire
9. Metropolis
10. Out Of Clonmel
11. Lough Caragh



Gary Ryan’s ever popular CD, Worlds Apart, features the very best of a Ryan recital, taking the listener on a fascinating journey around the world with an exciting and diverse mix of some of the finest solo guitar works.

His stylish interpretations of Bach, Giuliani, Brouwer and more are performed with his usual virtuosity and supreme musicianship. The disc culminates with his own popular and highly celebrated composition for solo guitar, Scenes from The Wild West.


“As ‘Private Release’ recordings go, this has to be one of the best, if not the best, ones I have encountered, Gary Ryan doesn’t put a finger wrong on this disc; his staggering technical facility around the fingerboard plus a high degree of extremely thoughtful musicianship, enables him to deliver the goods without any problem whatsoever. The whole project is one of stylish elegance…”
“…to top it all Ryan demonstrates his outstanding compositional skills with his own extensive guitar solo work depicting scenes from the ‘Wild West’, a 26-minute tour de force of highly technically challenging repertoire which just happens to be exceedingly fun to listen to.”
“A wonderful new release which ought to be in every guitarists’ recording collection. Very highly recommended.”

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1. Grand Overture
2. Sonata in A, K483
3. Prelude
4. Presto
5. Berceuse
6. Un Dia de Noviembre
7. Vals Op.8, No4
8. Sakura, Theme & Variations
9. Railroad
10. Across the Plain
11. West Coast Breeze
12. Rockweed
13. Rondo Rodeo
14. Smoke Rising